How does this work?

Click the sign-up link in the header above, and choose the sessions you're interested in. On December 1-2, you'll get email reminders to attend the sessions you selected. You will come back here and log in to view the presentations.

What time zone are these sessions in?

All session times listed are in EST.

What if I can't watch all of the sessions? 

Watch what you're able to (or interested in) during the two days. If you miss any, the replays will be available (for free) for one week.

Is it really free? 

Yep! No upgrades or all-access passes here. Totally free.

Why is it asking me to select specific talks during check-out? 

This is just to help personalize your experience during the Summit. You can select ALL of the talks or just a few. You will get email reminders before each presentation starts.

Are you going to give away my email? 

Nope. Email addresses will not be shared with presenters or anyone else.

What if I want to watch a session later?

Replays will be available for one week, and then they disappear. No one will be able to purchase them later, so make sure to clear your calendar for the event!

How can I connect with the speakers if I want to learn more?

Click on the Speakers page above, click on the person you want to talk to, and you'll see links to their website and social media in the bottom right-hand corner. 

Who organized this event?

Jess from Jess Creatives! If you have questions, DM me on Instagram.